Conduct research at Niwot Ridge

Internationally recognized for its research program, Niwot Ridge LTER offers a diversity of expertise, infrastructure, landscapes, and organisms to test your ideas about mountain ecosystems. The very foundation of our LTER is collaboration, and by conducting research at Niwot, you can contribute to a legacy of science that advances theory and informs conservation.

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We host facilities and field research infrastructure to support ongoing and new research. Research infrastructure is managed by our staff to generate data that is quality controlled and freely available.


All major manipulative experiments will be discussed with the NWT scientific community, with the intent of both increasing collaboration and maximizing field site utilization. Click here to apply for a research permit.

Safety Orientation and Harassment Policy

Annual orientation attendance is required to make sure that everyone coming to Niwot Ridge as part of LTER understands important information on safety, our code of conduct, transportation, and data policies.


Transportation for LTER researchers from Boulder to the MRS during the summer field season. The shuttle will start running on June 13th, and will run every day, Monday – Friday, through the end of August. Click here to sign up for the shuttle.

Mountain Research Station

The MRS provides lodging, parking, and classroom space for summer programs. There are cabins, a cafeteria, 6 classrooms, 2 wet labs, and 3 outdoor activity areas.

Upcoming Events for Researchers


Submit Your Data



Decide what to archive

Best practice is to archive quality-controlled raw data (rather than calculated fields)


Organize & clean your data

Helpful tips for prepping your data can be found here.


Prepare metadata template

Download the metadata template here.


Write abstract and methods

Prepare two separate Microsoft Word files (.docx): one for the abstract, one for the methods.

Submit A Publication

Share your findings from the Ridge

If you are using our datasets in your research, or if you are conducting research at Niwot directly, we want to know. Use this form to share your publications with us!

For questions, email: lternwt@colorado.edu

Name *
only required if DOI not provided
Have the data for this publication been submitted to the Niwot IM *
Provide a doi to the data used in the analyses, such as doi:10.6073/pasta/cd03361ac0c1cbc686ad71da7e14f79d OR provide a url that resolves to the dataset if you don't know the doi

Submit an outreach project

Share your engagement efforts with us!

We would love to know how you are engaging scientists, students, and the general public in your work. If you have an outreach project, please tell us all about it with this form. Or email directly to: alexandra.rose@colorado.edu

Name *
Date of Activity (Note: if your activity spanned multiple days, choose the start date here and please note the duration in the following question!)
Date of Activity (Note: if your activity spanned multiple days, choose the start date here and please note the duration in the following question!)

We'd love to have a copy of any photos of your outreach work! Please upload them here.

Please take a second to rename your photo file using this naming convention: "YY-MM-DD_YourLastName_OutreachEvent(1)" for example "18-01-11_Rose_TeacherWorkshop(1)"


Acknowledging people & data in your publications

All of our data products are released to the public and may be freely copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon under the condition that you provide acknowledgement.

Publications, models and data products that make use of these data sets must include proper acknowledgement, including citing data sets in a similar way to citing a journal article. Here is an overview of why citing data is important.

The following acknowledgment should accompany any publication that makes use of Niwot resources: Logistical support and/or data were provided by the NSF-supported Niwot Ridge LTER program (NSF DEB – 1637686)