My Water Comes from the Rocky Mountains

We were honored to have one of the first books published in the LTER Network’s Schoolyard book series, My Water Comes From The Rocky Mountains.

The LTER Network’s Schoolyard Program values outreach to K-12 students as members of the LTER community. The underlying “schoolyard” approach emphasizes connections to local communities, for which LTER sites can serve as  “schoolyards” for understanding ecology and developing empathy for the local and global environment.

The story of My Water Comes from the Rocky Mountains was sent to elementary school teachers in the Rocky Mountain States of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Kansas, and Utah. The students then created original artwork featuring different aspects of Rocky Mountains and the water cycle for the book and an associated website.

Learn more about the book and associated activities here.


My Water Comes from the Rocky Mountains, written by environmental educator Tiffany Fourment, takes children on an illustrative journey from the snow high on the Continental Divide to water in their faucet tap.